Student History (Analytics) for Tech Coaches



Dyknow Tech Coaches can access Student History in Dyknow to see and compare how students spend their class time.

NOTE: You will have access to student data for those that attend your assigned schools.



1. Login to Dyknow.

2. Click the Student History tab.

3. Type one student's name in the search bar, and click that student's name.

4. You are viewing data for one student across all of his or her classes. To see in which class the student was viewing a specific application or website, click the blue arrow to expand the data table.

For additional views, change the date range using the "Date" calendar picker, or choose one specific class using the "Class" dropdown menu.


Note: If you see the red message shown below,  try changing the date range for access to data from a time when the student was monitored. Tech Coaches only have access to data from classes when teachers used DyKnow Cloud.


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