DyKnow Cloud - Popular Features to Share with Teachers


Share these popular DyKnow features with teachers to help them maximize their class time!

1. Edit a Class Name

DyKnow syncs with your school SIS data. Teachers can rename their classes using the "Edit a Class" feature. Simply click the "pencil" on the class tile. 

2. Add a Co-Teacher

DyKnow accommodates varying teaching models. Teachers can add a Co-Teacher to their class. This allows two teachers to monitor the same class simultaneously. 

3. Timed Blocking Plans

Teachers can choose the time that they want blocking plans to release. Timed Blocking Plans provide a great "set it and forget it" option. 

4. Segmented Blocking Plans

Sometimes teachers need to differentiate monitoring between students. With Segmented Blocking, teachers can block individual students, or release individual students from a blocking plan.

5. Combine Classes

Teachers with multiple class sections or groups of students can combine their classes into one. Please note: This is a permanent change. Combining classes cannot be undone.



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