Basic Troubleshooting for Tech Coaches


There are a few common scenarios in which student devices may not be monitored. As a Tech Coach, you have awesome tools available to help teachers resolve nearly all issues that may arise!

1. Is DyKnow installed on the student's device?

Look for the "swoosh" icon on the student's device to confirm DyKnow is successfully installed. If you're not with the student's device, you can check this via the "Gear" icon. On the "Users" tab, search for the student's name and confirm the student user has a value in the "Version #" column.

If DyKnow hasn't yet been installed, reach out to your DyKnow Cloud product administrator for next steps.

2. Is the student's device connected to the Internet?

Sometimes students' devices are off or the lid is closed. Check to ensure the student's device is connected to the Internet on an approved IP address, if applicable.

3. Is the student enrolled in the teacher's class?

View the teacher's roster to ensure the student is enrolled. Search for the roster via the "Gear" icon by selecting the "Classes" tab.

If the student isn't enrolled, be sure the roster is updated in your Student Information System to avoid overriding any manual updates you make to the roster during the nightly sync.

4. Is the student logging into their device with a recognized username?

Cross-reference the username the student is using to log into the device with their DyKnow student user record and ensure the two match. Via the "Gear" icon, search for the student's name on the "Users" tab.

Once you've confirmed steps 1-4, there are a few next steps available to use:

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