Student Not Monitored Report


If you receive an email with this subject line, it was created as a digest of reports from your teachers using DyKnow Cloud when (s)he didn't see these student thumbnails and the students were not monitored for the entire day.

The in-product Report Selected button logs this data, and sends it to the school's established Tech Coach(es). 

Teacher View

To resolve the issue

  1. Log into DyKnow as a Tech Coach.
  2. Click the gear icon to access Admin Settings.
  3. Search for the student's name, username, or email address on the Users tab.

Possible Scenarios

User Information Displays N/A

Issue: The "Last Date Communicated," "Version Number" and "Last Monitored Session" fields are "N/A"

Resolution: DyKnow is not installed on the device. Install DyKnow.

*Chromebooks Only: If the DyKnow Cloud "Swoosh" icon is present to the right of the student's URL bar, then DyKnow is successfully installed and the student needs to click "Allow" to Google's authentication prompt. Click here for more help.

Out Of Date Communicated/Monitored Dates

Issue: The "Last Date Communicated" and/or "Last Monitored" Session fields are out of date. These fields may also appear as "N/A".

Resolution: Try restarting the student's device. If this does not resolve the issue, please send logs from the student's device. Have there been any changes to your network or content filter? You may need to exclude DyKnow traffic from the content filter.

DyKnow Username Doesn't Match Device Username

Issue: The student's username in DyKnow (or email address for Chromebook users) does not match what is being used to log into their device.

Resolution: The student either needs to log into their device with the correct information or the information in DyKnow needs to be updated to match what the student is using for their device.

Outside Allowed Monitoring Settings

Issue: The student is outside of the allowed days and times and/or IP address settings (according to settings set in the Blackout Settings tab in screenshot below).

Resolution: Make sure the IP ranges and days/times that teachers are allowed to monitor on match with the student's IP range and current date and time. You can see a student's IP address by clicking the icon to the left of the student's name in the screenshot above.


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