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Our team has been hard at work to ensure we offer our customers the best experiences possible. As part of our efforts, we are proud to introduce our new Support Center and User Community.

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  • Suggested Search. Our Knowledge Base is now smart enough to recommend articles based on your search! We're helping you find your answer even faster.
  • Submit a Request. If you haven't found a solution after searching the Knowledge Base, navigate to the "Submit a Request" tab to enter the details of your question. You'll receive confirmation that we received it and a member of our team will reply within 1 business day.
  • Video Resources. Our YouTube community has fantastic webinar records, tutorials and training resources for everyone from beginners to experts.

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  • Check Existing Requests. Once you've created a login with us, you can always come back to add new tickets and check up on existing ones as well. If you choose, we can also make all tickets specific to your institution available to you.
  • Mobile Optimized. We're guessing you don't always carry your PC with you. Our Support Center is optimized for viewing on any mobile device to make your experience even more enjoyable.
  • Opportunity for Growth. Our Support Center can only get better with your help! Join an existing conversation or start your own and make your voice heard.

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