How To Start and End DyKnow Monitor


Starting Monitor

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Starting Monitor


To Start DyKnow Monitor:

  1. Sign into DyKnow and click  Start Monitor on the Home or Monitor Tab.
  2. Select the appropriate class or lab you would like to monitor and click Monitor.
  3. DyKnow Monitor will attempt to locate the computers that match the data for your class in on the DyKnow server.  After the initial 120 seconds, DyKnow Monitor will check for any new computer every 5 – 10 seconds.
  4. To stop Monitor, click Stop Monitor on the Monitor Tab.
  5. Repeat this process for your next class or Sign Off in the Application Menu to exit DyKnow

Stopping Monitor

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Ending Monitor


Three ways to Stop DyKnow Monitor:

  1. Click the 'x' on the purple Monitor tab
  2. Click the 'stop monitor button' on the Monitor tab
  3. Close DyKnow


*Note: It is common for teachers to forget to stop their monitoring session and students subsequently have restricted access to their devices after class has ended. For more information, please refer to Forgot to Stop Monitoring


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