How To: Import content from other document (e.g. Word) using the Notebook Writer?


There are a variety of ways to bring your content into DyKnow. You can copy & paste text from documents into DyKnow, open PowerPoint presentations directly (click open in DyKnow then choose your PowerPoint file) or use the DyKnow Notebook Writer

The DyKnow Notebook Writer is a tool that allows you to turn any document into a DyKnow notebook.  This works much like a PDF writer by creating a virtual printer on your computer that you use to "print" your documents to DyKnow notebooks.

To install the notebook writer on your computer, go to our Downloads page and choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer that matches your computer. Once installed, follow these steps to convert your content:

  1. Open the file you want to convert (e.g. Word document)
  2. Choose File --> Print
  3. Choose the DyKnow Notebook Writer as your printer
  4. Click Print
  5. The Notebook Writer will convert the document
  6. Choose a save location and Save your new DyKnow notebook
  7. View the Options and Help dialog on this screen for more information on optimizing your notebook



To print a file to the Notebook Writer without opening the file, add Notebook Writer to the Send To menu that appears when right-clicking a file. Instructions on how to do this are found here:

How To: Add Notebook Writer to the "Send To" Context Menu

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