How To: Sign Up for a Class and Utilize Open Enrollment


Step by Step Guide for Self-Enrolling (Open Enrollment):

If a student is not enrolled in a desired class by their institution, they can complete a one-time self-enroll. Once enrolled, they will need to join the active session offered.

To self-enroll in a class students should: 

1. Launch the DyKnow client and sign on 
2. Click the 'Show Offered Classes' tab on the 'My DyKnow' page 
3. Click the 'Sign Up' link under the 'Commands' column for the class they wish to sign up for

This action creates a class folder in the 'My Current Classes' section of the 'My DyKnow' page where the student can click 'Join Session' for each subsequent class meeting. Since profiles are user-based, a student may sign up and join a session from any computer connected to the Internet.


Step by Step Guide for Signing Up Students

For an instructor or DyKnow system administrator to sign a student up for a class: 

  1. Log into the administration console.
  2. Click Add Users to Class
  3. Click on the class you want to add the student to. If the class does not show up, check the 'Show All for Institution' checkbox. 
  4. Enter the student's UserID into one of the fields provided. 
  5. Click Confirm Eligibility
  6. If the student is eligible, click Add Users. If the student is not found, he/she will need to be added as a user before being added to the class. 



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    nikki bella
    dont know how to see my classes
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    Abbey Sullivan
    Hi Nikki, Please contact your school's DyKnow Administrator, or open a ticket by emailing Please be sure to include your school name.