How To: Multiboard


DyKnow's Multiboard feature allows moderators to project previously appended panels on up to 14 additional displays.

For example, in a room with a center display and an additional display on either side of the center display (e.g. a large lecture hall or conference room), Multiboard would allow the moderator to display the current panel on the center display and the panel before the current panel on the left and right displays.

Such a setup would require the moderator have:

  • An additional display/projection screen
  • A dedicated PC for each display/projection screen
  • The DyKnow client installed on each PC
  • A solid Internet connection for each PC
  • The DyKnow Multiboard software installed on each PC
  • Each PC (including the moderator's) setup in the DyKnow administration console as a lab

Instructions for setting up a lab to use DyKnow Multiboard

Step 1: Set up Lab and Lab Workstations in the DyKnow Administration Console

  1. Log into the DyKnow Admin Console.
  2. If using an existing computer lab, jump to step 7.
  3. Click ‘Add Computer Lab’.
  4. Fill in the ‘Description’ field with a description of the lab being created.
  5. Leave the ‘Lab’ type set to default.
  6. Click ‘Home’.
  7. Click ‘Add Lab Workstation’. This will allow you to set up the lab workstations that will control the displays used by DyKnow Multiboard. If the lab workstation already exists, click on ‘Edit Lab Workstation’.

Note: When setting up lab workstations to work with DyKnow Multiboard, it is recommended that if DyKnow Multiboard will be used to launch remotely to a moderator workstation, that workstation should be set up first. This is to ensure that it receives index ‘1’ at step 12. (More on indexes later.)

  1. Click ‘Select’ for the lab that you wish to use DyKnow Multiboard with.
  2. Fill in the Workstation Name, IP, or MAC address with either the IP address or the computer name if the IP address is not static. MAC address will NOT work with DyKnow Multiboard.
  3. Fill in the description with an appropriate description. This is a good place to describe which board this lab workstation represents.
  4. Set the’ Workstation Type’ to ‘Instructor/Display’. This will make two new options available: Panel Index and Panel Offset.
  5. Accept the default Index shown. The index helps to determine the order in which machines are launched to.
  6. Set the Panel offset. The panel offset is used to determine which session notebook panel will be displayed by the display. If a display is set to offset ‘0’ it will always show the current session panel. A negative offset will display the panel ‘x’ positions previous in the session notebook from the current panel. If a panel does not exist at that position, the display will display the panel farthest from the current session panel. For instance if the offset is set to -1 and the current session panel is the first panel of the notebook, there is no panel before the current panel so the current session panel would be shown. If the panel offset is -2, the display will display panel 1 from the session notebook until the notebook reaches the fourth panel, then it will show panel 2 since it is offset -2 from the current panel. A positive offset works the same way but moving forward of the current session panel in the notebook.
  7. Click ‘Submit’
  8. Repeat steps 7 – 14 until all display workstations have been accounted for.

Installing DyKnow Multiboard Receiver

  1. On the physical machines that will control multiboard displays, copy over the DyKnow Multiboard Receiver executable and binaries and run the executable. When running there will be a small icon in the task tray for the receiver. If this machine will always be used to control a display, it is suggested that the receiver be set up to automatically run when the display computer is turned on.
  2. It may be necessary to open port 12427 and allow the DyKnow Receiver if it is blocked by a firewall on the computer.

Installing and using DyKnow Multiboard Launcher

  1. On the physical machine that will be used to launch DyKnow Multiboard, copy the DyKnow Multiboard Launcher executable and binaries.
  2. Run the DyKnow Multiboard Launcher executable.
  3. Sign On using your moderator’s credentials.
  4. Select the lab that is set up for running DyKnow Multiboard.
  5. Select the Class that you wish to start the session for.
  6. Check the ‘Advanced Setting s’ checkbox
  7. Click ‘Next’.
  8. Make sure that all displays to be used are checked.
  9. Make sure the correct display is selected for ‘Sign Me On Here’. This will usually be the machine that is the moderator’s station.
  10. Change offsets as necessary.
  11. Set the ‘Master Control’. This will usually be the machine that is the moderator’s station.
  12. Click ‘Next’.
  13. Check ‘Launch in Full Screen Mode’ if you want the non master boards to launch in full screen mode.
  14. Make sure any advanced options you want are checked.
  15. Click ‘Next’.
  16. Click ‘Launch’.
  17. If everything launched correctly, the Launcher program may be closed.
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