How To Request Files From Students using DyKnow Monitor


VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To: Request Files


Request files (Teacher View):

1. From the Monitor tab, click the Request Files button
2. Type the message you would like class participants to see
3. Click Send Request
4. Notice you will see the Status of each participant and if they have submitted the file or not.  All files are downloaded to the “My Documents\DyKnow Documents\class name” folder
5. View the requested files by clicking View folder

*Note: Files may be moved once they have been received by the teacher, but the default location for receiving files cannot be changed.

Request files (Student View):

1. Click Add File upon receiving the request
2. Browse for the appropriate file and click Open to add it to your list of files to submit
3. When all the files are ready to submit, click Submit All File

*Note: Currently file transfer is teacher-initiated. However, consider sending the File Request at the beginning of class and leaving it open. This way students can minimize the window until they are ready to submit and you don't have to worry about all students submitting right at the end of class.

The only caveat to this is that while the Request Files window is open allowing students to submit files, the Send Files features and the Broadcast Screen feature will be disabled. Other than that, Monitor will continue to function as expected.

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