DyKnow Vision Broadcast Audio: Server FAQ


Utilizing DyKnow audio feature enables teachers to broadcast live audio to participants connected to their DyKnow Vision session. This feature is particularly helpful to include participants who are not physically in the classroom with the teacher but are joined to the live DyKnow Vision session. These participants are able to hear audio through their computer speakers or headphones.

NOTE: Broadcasted audio is not recorded and thus is not saved with the DyKnow notebook.

DyKnow's broadcast audio feature utilizes the Flash Media Server 3 and the Adobe (Macromedia) Flash audio player application.
The DyKnow interface is exactly the same for all users with the exception of an Adobe (Macromedia) Flash audio window that pops up and transmits the audio.

The Flash Media Server needs to have Internet access to the DyKnow server (TCP/IP port 80 access).  For the best performance the Server should be exposed on TCP/IP ports 1935 and 80.  Minimum specifications require the Flash Media Server be exposed to TCP/IP port 80 for the audio to work. Performance will be much faster if users are allowed to connect on 1935, which is the FMS protocol port.


How much bandwidth does DyKnow broadcast (streaming) audio use?


DyKnow broadcast (streaming) audio is encoded at 5kbps. Broadcast (streaming) audio should not cause a significant amount of latency.


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