How To: Filmstrip


Located in the bottom right corner of your DyKnow Session, the 'Filmstrip' button offers the ability to add specific panels from your prepared notes to a new, on-demand 'playlist' for presentation.

Perhaps a notebook contains multiple days worth of content, and a teacher only wants to select those panels applicable to today's class. Double-clicking a panel while under the 'Prepared Notes' button adds those panels to the Filmstrip.

Why does the filmstrip show a refresh symbol after 50 panels?

This functionality is designed to save computer resources. After 50 panels have been loaded into the filmstrip, the refresh icon is inserted as a place holder. The panel is still present, but in order to view the filmstrip thumbnail you can either:

1. Right-click directly on the panel [not the filmstrip thumbnail] and click refresh


2. Use the "scrubber" used to change panels [not the one used to scroll through the thumbnails] and drag it all the way to the last panel.  Doing this will change the panels, but it will also force each of the panels past the 50th one to update so you can see the thumbnail preview

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