Tip: Pre-Record Audio (Flip Class)



This article explains how to create a notebook with audio outside of class for students to review prior to or after class.  This teaching method is commonly referred to as the ‘Upside-down classroom’ approach, and is an effective way to deliver content that you may not have enough time to deliver in class.  These notebooks would also be useful distance learning tools (e.g. for online classes, homebound students, etc).

For a visual representation of this tip, please visit the following link:


You can only perform the following steps in a live session, but do not need any students in the class. To begin: 

  1. Start your DyKnow Vision session with or without prepared notes.
  2. Begin your audio capture using the Session > Capture Audio feature.
  3. Proceed through the lesson as planned.
  4. When you’re finished with the session, end the session and allow the audio upload to the DyKnow server.
  5. Save your notebook to a centralized location where the students can access it (e.g. Learning/Course Management System, faculty website, shared network folder, etc).
  6. When the students open the notebook they will be prompted to sign into the DyKnow server to download the associated audio for replay. 
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