How To Apply URL Filtering (Block Websites) using DyKnow Monitor




From the Monitor Tab, click the Filter URLs drop down menu and choose Setup Plans

  1. Click the New button
  2. Type a plan name
  3. Type any URL you want to ALLOW your student to access and click the Add button to add the URL as a plan exception
    • Note: filtering only works at the domain level so allowing or[more here] will allow any page with "" in the URL bar
    • Do not include “http(s)://” or “/” in your URL *
  4. Click Save to store this plan
  5. To apply this plan, select it from the list of available plans and click OK. You can set a desired plan as your default plan at any time by selecting the plan name and clicking the Make Default button.
  6. If the plan applied, when students go to a website that's not allowed, they will see "cannot display the page" and "" in the URL bar
  7. To release the URL Filter, click the top half of Filter URLs button once or choose the drop down menu again and select Free Workstations from Plan

*For more information or additional tools on where to get the urls, see

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