How To: Private Notes (Vision)


How To: Private Notes

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Step by step instructions for using the 'Private Notes' feature to add your own comments without sending them to students

Watch the video here:

 The Private Notes space is an excellent resources for students to annotate panels while avoiding 'collision' with teacher annotations.

Additionally, many teachers use this area to record talking points and reminders during in-class presentations. Private Notes are always saved in conjunction with the panel next to which they were taken.

Any text or ink included in Private Notes is only visible to the user and will never be visible to other teachers or students.

Note: Private Ink should not be confused with Private Notes.

Only available to teachers, Private Ink is intended to be used on panels for teacher notes that are not transmitted to student panels. Private Ink is often used when teachers project their screens with a SMART/Promethean board or other projector. Many teachers enjoy the ability to share notes written in private ink that students can see on their (teacher) screens, but the notes do not collide with student notes. Additionally, students are then required to re-write the notes themselves instead of depending only on the teacher's transmitted content.

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