How To: Start a Session (from DyKnow and Powerpoint)


How To: Start a Vision Class Session

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Step by step instructions for starting a class session in DyKnow Vision

Watch the video here


Step by Step Guide for Starting a Session:

  1. Log in to DyKnow
  2. On the My Current Classes section of the My DyKnow page,
  3. Click Start Session under the 'Commands' column for the respective class 00000071B.jpg
  4. (optional) Select any prepared notes that are already created 00000071A.jpg
  5. Check 'Monitor Workstations' if workstation monitoring is desired. If moderating from a  stationary computer lab, select the lab name from the available dropdown
  6. Click OK


Step by Step Guide for Starting a Session from Powerpoint:

  1. From Microsoft Powerpoint
  2. Click on the DyKnow Tab
  3. Click Start Session
  4. Once your PowerPoint is converted to DyKnow, DyKnow will open
  5. Sign in to DyKnow
  6. Choose your class
  7. If desired, start Audio Capture and browse the "..." to choose your input device
  8. If desired, check Monitor Workstations
  9. Click OK
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