How To: Add Full Panel Text or a Text Box (Vision)


How To: Add Text

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Step by step instructions for adding material to panels using tools in the 'Authoring' tab such as Text Box, Full Panel Text, Answer Box and Selection

Watch the video here:


Full Panel Text:

  1. Navigate to the Home or Authoring tab
  2. Click the icon Full Panel Text
  3. Begin typing and the text will appear on the panel currently displayed

To edit existing text on a panel in a Session:

  1. Navigate to the Panel you want to edit
  2. Click the Full Panel Text icon in the Home or Authoring tab. The 'Text Editing' toolbar will appear in ribbon
  3. Highlight the text you want to edit. You also now have the ability to choose the properties you want to change (e.g. alignment, color, size, etc.)


To insert a new text box:

  1. From the Home or Insert tab, click Text Box
  2. Click the position on the panel you want to insert the text box
  3. Type your text
  4. (Optional) Resize or move the text box by clicking on the dotted lines surrounding the text box.
  5. Click outside the dotted lines to plant the text on the panel

To edit an existing text box

  1. From the Home tab, click the Selection Square
  2. Single click the text you want to edit
  3. Type your changes
  4. Click outside the dotted lines to plant the text on the panel
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