*How to Block Applications using DyKnow Monitor


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Block Applications 


Creating and choosing a default blocking plan

  1. From the Monitor Tab, click the drop down menu on the Block Applications button and choose 'Setup Plans'
  2. Click “New” and type in a plan name
  3. Choose a plan type (for best results, choose a “Block All” plan type. This ensures the students cannot open anything except the programs you add to the list)
  4. Select the application and click add, or browse to find the application
  5. Click “save” to store this blocking plan
  6. Click on your most preferred plan
  7. Click “Make Default” and click 'OK.'

To apply your default plan

  1. Click the top half of the Block Applications button
  2. To release the blocking plan, click the top half of the Block Applications button once or choose the drop down menu again and select Free Workstations from Plan
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