DyKnow for Flipped Classroom


DyKnow for the Flipped Classroom

By design, DyKnow is intended to be equally as helpful in class as it is out of class. We've recently spoken with many customers who are interested in using DyKnow in a flip class model. There are quite a few steps to accomplish this use case, but it is absolutely possible.


To Create the Flip Class Assignment in PowerPoint:

  1. Click "Review" and then "Start Inking" to draw (or hover your pen over the screen)
  2. Click "Insert" tab and then the "Clipart" feature to add images and make your presentation more engaging 
  3. RECORD: Click "Slide Show" tab and then "Record Slide Show" icon

To Prepare the DyKnow Presentation as a Flipped Class Homework Assignment:

  1. What students should have access to your content? Ask your DyKnow System Administrator to create a shared class for these students
             *Tip: If you want to share the same recording with students from 3 different geometry periods (Geometry I, Geometry II and Geometry III), ask your
               Administrator to add all of those students to create a shared "Geometry All" class and add all of those students.
  2. Login to DyKnow
  3. Start a session for the class you intend to share the content with (in this case, "Geometry All")
               *Tip: At this point, you may select the check box option that says "Start Audio Recording," but note that live recording begins immediately when
                 you click "OK"
  4. If you did not select the "Start Audio Recording" box when starting your session and selecting your prepared notes, navigate to the "Session" tab and select "Start Record Audio"
  5. Select your microphone, complete the optional test, and select 'OK'
  6. Append your prepared panels, annotate and explain!
  7. Once you've finished recording your presentation, end your session and save the notebook to the DyKnow server
               *Tip: This is the only way to stop recording.
  8. Share the notebook with your "Geometry All" class to ensure all students can load and view the presentation
                *Tip: This is where the shared class becomes most important! By design, audio recordings are tightly bound to to the notebook in which they
                 were recorded. Because of this, a notebook AND paired audio cannot be shared from one class to another.
  9. Assign students to 'watch' the notebook as homework
                   a. Students must login to DyKnow to 'watch' the notebook
                   b. Navigate to the "View" tab then select the "Replay" button
                   c. Choose "Audio Replay Current Panel to End" option in the "Replay" window that appears
                   d. Instruct students to save the notebook to their computer hard drive in order to replay again without repeating the same steps


*Note: Thank you to Jim Bauer from Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati for presenting on this topic at one of our User Group Meetings, and for contributing to some of this content!

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