Tip: Avoid Writing Over Your Students' Work


Summary: In a collaborative work space, teachers often accidentally write over their students' work, unknowing of where the student's annotations exist on their individual panels. DyKnow Vision automatically transmits moderator material to student screens and often there may be annotation collision.

Solution: There are a few ways for both teachers and students to avoid annotation collision.

1. Private Ink. This special shade of purple is available only to teachers and does not transmit to student panels. If teachers wish students to see their annotations, they should connect their device to a projector or change to a different shade of ink or text

2. Teachers can copy the content of a panel and paste it into a new panel 

3. Students can use Private Notes to annotate panels on a separate screen. Teacher annotations can never appear in a student's Private Notes

In the event of a collision, both teachers and students can hide different layers of content by using the 'View > Display Mode' option [image attached].

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