How To: Prevent Students From Signing Up for Classes


A teacher may block students from inappropriately signing up for DyKnow Vision sessions.
There are also a few strategies to prevent students from enrolling  in classes they are not supposed to be enrolled in.

To block a specific user from a class:
1. Navigate to the
 'My DyKnow' screen
2. Click on the class name under the 'Current Classes' or 'Offered Classes' tab
3. Click Roster
4. Click the check box next to each student you would like to block

Only the DyKnow network administrator can delete students from classes once they have saved class notebooks. 

To help prevent students from inappropriately enrolling in classes, the network administrator can turn off open enrollment in the administration console. 
Alternately, the DyKnow administrator can pre-enroll a batch of users in certain classes.
The students' UserID and password would both be set to the UserID.

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