How To: Students Joining Session Remotely


Joining remote learning sessions is an exciting feature of DyKnow Vision. Some of our best customers use this functionality for:

  • Virtual study sessions
  • Including students who cannot physically be at school
  • Inclement weather days when school is delayed or closed
  • Distance learning programs


  • Teacher must have started session
  • Remote student must have Internet access
  • Institution's server must be configured to allow for student access off of institution's network

To allow remote DyKnow sessions:
For students and teachers to access your DyKnow server from outside your school network, you will need to give the server a public IP address then assign a DNS entry to it.  No changes need to be made within the DyKnow server software.  We suggest contacting your service provider for information on obtaining a public IP address for your server.
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