Viewing DyKnow Vision notebooks on other devices


DyKnow Vision notebooks are saved with the extension .dyz. The DyKnow 5.x client is required to read and modify .dyz files. Your IT helpdesk can give you the DyKnow client download.

For studying and accessing notes on other devices, students may want to save DyKnow Vision notebooks in an alternative format.


DyKnow allows the printing of notebooks natively. This function works much like PowerPoint giving the option to print multiple panels on a single page to control paper use.  


Creating a PDF of a DyKnow notebook is simple but requires a third party "PDF writer" tool like PDF995 or CutePDF. Once the virtual PDF printer is installed you simply print your DyKnow notebook and choose the virtual PDF printer instead of your actual printer.

Note: Saving a DyKnow Vision notebook in any format other than .dyz will not preserve the Replay functionality that can be very useful when reviewing content. It is highly recommended that students (and teachers) always save their native DyKnow document even if they are converting it to other formats.

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