Monitor: I Don’t See All of My Students


This article explains how to troubleshoot if not all students in a class are identified by DyKnow Monitor.

There are a few likely causes:

1. The students may not have Internet connectivity
2. The students have not installed the 'COMPLETE' version of DyKnow. This version includes the DyKnow Monitor service utility
3. The student computers may have incorrect communication settings


If the moderator can see all but a few students’ screens:

1. Verify the students have internet connectivity

2. Verify the students are enrolled in the class either by viewing the roster on the teacher's computer or through the Administration Console

3. Have the student(s) restart their computer(s)

4. Verify the students have the 'COMPLETE' installation of DyKnow

DyKnow Administrators can also utilize the View Workstation Snapshot screen in the Administration Console. You can enter a student's username to find out information about any computer reporting to the server for that user. If the information is incorrect or no computers exist, it may be best to send a log report to out DyKnow Support Team.

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