DyKnow Monitor: Multiple Thumbnails or Ghost Thumbnail for a Single Student


DyKnow Monitor uses a number of methods to determine which DyKnow user is to be associated with a particular computer. Depending on your environment and your DyKnow institution setup, it may utilize 1:1 records, active Windows user, active DyKnow user, or last signed-in DyKnow user. Some examples of when a student might appear more than once are:

  • Student is signed into Active Directory on multiple computers
  • Student is signed into DyKnow on one computer and Active Directory on another computer
  • Student is assigned a particular computer through a 1:1 record, but is signed into DyKnow on a different computer
  • Student is signed into DyKnow or Active Directory on one computer and was the last user to sign into DyKnow on another computer for which Active Directory does not exist and nobody is currently signed into DyKnow
A simple remedy for this is often to have students restart their machines.
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