Forgot to Stop DyKnow Monitor 5.x


Teachers should stop monitoring their classes at the end of class periods. This article explains what happens when a teacher forgets to do so

If a teachers forgets to stop Monitor at the end of a class period, each student will continue to be monitored by that teacher until another teacher requests to monitor the student or the student loses connection with the DyKnow server. This means that students computers will still be under the control of any Application Blocking or URL Filtering plans that the teacher applied during class.

Fortunately there are measures in place to ensure that this rarely happens. Often another teacher will make a request to the DyKnow server to monitor one of the students, thus releasing the student from the previous monitored class. As a last resort, DyKnow administrators have the ability to end monitored classes through the DyKnow Administration Console on the DyKnow server. Follow the steps below to end a monitored class and release all students.
  1. Log into the Administration Console
  2. Click on Manage Monitored Classes
  3. Click Stop Monitoring next to the class you wish to stop
  4. Click OK
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