DyKnow Monitor: Optional Student Monitoring / Opt-In


The default setting is for teachers using DyKnow Monitor to monitor student devices silently. However, this can be changed to student consent or an "opt-in." To change this setting: 

  1. Sign onto to your DyKnow Administration Console. 
  2. Click 'Manage Institution'. 
  3. Click 'Institution Setup Wizard'. 
  4. Click 'Monitor Settings cont.' in the left-hand navigation menu. 
  5. Change the drop down located next to 'User-based Workstation Control' to 'Student Consent'. The students will now be asked if they will allow their devices to be monitored each time the teacher attempts to monitor a class or lab that includes them.

To review, if User-based Workstation Control is set to 'Instructor Control' the students will automatically be monitored without their consent.

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