DyKnow Monitor 5.x: Setup IP and Time Restrictions for Monitoring


If your school's DyKnow Monitor server has a public IP address, it is possible to monitor students anywhere that their computers have an Internet connection. Our products contain settings that can prevent devices from being monitored outside of school hours and/or off of school networks. We highly recommend them.

Configure Settings

  1. Login to your DyKnow Administration Console webpage
  2. Manage Institution
  3. Institution Setup Wizard
  4. Monitor Settings (cont.):

Time of day – this will limit when teachers may attempt to start DyKnow Monitor.  For example, DyKnow Monitor can only be started between 8 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri.

Time of day restrictions are established based on the start time of a session and continue unchanged for the entire duration of the session.

Example 1: Teacher starts session at 3 pm and monitors students. Time of day restrictions begin at 4 pm. The teacher would still be able to monitor students at 4:15 pm because the session was started outside of the restricted period. Restrictions would be applied if the session is restarted.

Example 2: Teacher starts session at 7:45 am. Time of day restrictions end at 8 am. The teacher would still be unable to monitor students at 8 am because the session was started during the restricted period. Restrictions would be released if the session is restarted.

IP range – this will limit teachers to monitoring PCs that have a certain IP range so that, for example, students accessing the Internet off campus will not be monitored.

IP range restrictions are enforced at all times regardless of any time of day restrictions.

Vision-only – if using DyKnow Monitor, this will monitor PCs only when student users are joined to a live DyKnow Vision session.

Student consent – for any PC the teacher attempts to monitor a pop-up notification will appear asking the student to accept or refuse monitoring.  If laptops are student-owned, we encourage the system administrator to activate this and also suggest that teachers set a classroom expectation that requires students to opt into monitoring to be counted present in class.

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