Terminate Video Games


Explanation of DyKnow Monitor's "Terminate Video Games" option when selecting "Block Applications" feature:

When standard application blocking is turned on and DyKnow encounters an application that is not currently allowed, Monitor simply hides the program. This prevents possible data loss for students. Formerly, some video games in full screen mode proved to be an exception to this rule. The only solution to prevent access to these was to kill the application(s) completely.

Video game detection applies a pretty simple set of heuristics over the running applications to determine if it is most likely a video game. If we determine that the application is

  1. Not currently allowed
  2. Most likely a video game

Instead of hiding, we will kill the application. Now, at a high level, the common traits we look for are typically 3D visual and audio capabilities. While the term "video games" also applies to casual games such as words with friends, etc, casual games have always respected the hide command, so there's never been any reason to kill them.

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