Message: 'Unable to connect to the server specified'



A user will receive the error "Unable to connect to the server specified" when the DyKnow client is unable to connect to the database residing on the server due to: 

-Lack of Internet connectivity. 
-Incorrect communication settings. 
-DyKnow being blocked by a local or network firewall. 



First, make sure the internet is properly connected (wired or wireless) on the computer you are using. This can be tested by trying to open up an Internet browser. 

Second, verify the communication settings are correct by doing the following: 

1. Launch DyKnow and click on 'Communication Settings'. 

2. Be sure the server name and/or IP address are correct for your school. 

3. If DyKnow is hosting the server, make sure the server identifier is correct. The network administrator should have received this information from DyKnow. If the school is locally hosting DyKnow, this field will be blank.

Third, turn off any firewall applications and try to run DyKnow again. 

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