How To: Projector Mode


Projector mode is a way for the instructor to use a second monitor, usually connected to a projector, to display only the panel whitespace. None of the menu options or toolbar buttons will be displayed on the projected monitor.

Prerequisites: The instructor must have the ability to connect to a second monitor or projector as well as have extended desktop functionality on the computer.

To use projector mode:
Connect the projector and enable extended desktop:

  1. Connect the projector or second monitor to your computer
  2. Turn on the projector or second monitor
  3. Right click on your desktop and choose "Screen Resolution"
  4. In the "Multiple displays:" section choose "Extend these displays". Monitor 1 should be your primary screen and monitor 2 will be the projection screen
  5. Click 'OK'

In DyKnow:

  1. Once a session is started, click 'View > Projector Mode'
  2. Choose to display Projector Mode on the 'Monitor 2'
  3. Click 'Start'. The monitor should now project only the whitespace of your DyKnow panel

If the whitespace is presented on the wrong monitor:

    1. Click 'View > Projector Mode'
    2. Click 'Swap'

To end Projector Mode:

1. Click 'View > Projector Mode'.
2. Click 'Stop'

WIRELESS PROJECTORSThere are two solutions to using Projector Mode with wireless projectors 

Using one computer: 
If the instructor plans to stay towards the front of the classroom, the projector can be connected to the instructor's computer using a VGA cable. This connection will allow the instructor to run extended desktop and Projector Mode. 

Using two computers: 
If the instructor would like to walk around the room with his/her computer a second computer will be needed. 

1. Connect the projector to the second computer with a VGA cable
2. Enable extended desktop on the second computer
3. Sign on to the second computer using a generic userID and password. This generic user should be set up before the class is in session and should be designated as a co-moderator for that class
4. Start projector mode on the second computer

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