How To: Backup DyKnow Server


How to backup the DyKnow server

The Microsoft Developer Network website has articles which detail the steps to backup a database. 

How DyKnow automatically creates a Server Default Backup job

The default DyKnow DB Server installation sets up a basic DB backup plan. These backups are: 

  • Automatically performed by the DyKnow Database Server SQL Agent every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 1:40 AM. 
  • Stored in the folder “%INSTALLDIR%\Backups\”.  For example:


  • Automatically removed 1 week after their creation. 

To set up a more extensive maintenance backup plan, the SQL database administrator can change the current backup process or delete the default DyKnow backup agent job, and replace with another.

Note: The default backup installed backup plan is set up during the initial DyKnow DB Server installation. All subsequent applied DyKnow SQL DB upgraders do nothing to change the SQL Server Agent backup jobs. In other words, changing the backup maintenance plan after the original basic backup setup will not be changed by the DyKnow SQL DB upgraders.

How to restore a DyKnow Database to a functional DyKnow Server 

  1. Perform a fresh installation of the DyKnow Database Server on the new database server.
  2. Run any DyKnow Server upgrades that might be necessary to bring the new DyKnow database server to the same version number as your current server.
  3. Do a backup of your existing DyKnow database through SQL Server, as shown above.
  4. Copy the backup you just created to the new server and Restore the database over the fresh install.  Instructions to restore a database may be found on the Microsoft Developer Network website Performing a Complete Database Restore (Full Recovery Model).
  5. Open SQL Server Management Studio and open a new query window for the DyKnow40 database.
  6. Type in the following Script and Execute 

use [DyKnow40]
sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'proguser4'

sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'ditouser4'


Once you've run the SQL script, log into the DyKnow Admin Console on the new server to verify everything successfully transferred and then log into the DyKnow client (you can use your admin account to do this) to confirm the DyKnow Client can properly connect to the server.

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