Advance a Semester, Trimester or Quarter


Only an administrator can complete this task. 

It is very important to advance your semester, trimester, or quarter after each term. In the event teachers at your institution are in charge of creating their own class folders to teach from, advancing the semester allows them to begin doing so for the next term. This also prevents teachers from trying to use a current class folder to teach a class next term or Creating classes in the current term thinking they can use them in the next term. 

Note: Changing the active grading cycle during a current cycle can lead to a loss of data that is currently in use. Teachers and students will still be able to access prior class notes via the ‘My Previous Classes’ directory in DyKnow , however active class sessions cannot be held using a previous class folder. Be sure to wait until the end of the term to advance your semester. 

To advance your semester: 

1. Log into the administration console. 

2. At the bottom of the menu listing on the left, click on the ‘Manage Institution’ link.

3. At the Manage Institution page, click the ‘Advance Semester’ link.

4. At the Advance Semester page, select the year and/or semester. 

5. Click the ‘Set Active’ link.

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