How To: Bulk Enroll Students


If the DyKnow server is ASP hosted, the DyKnow Customer Relationship Manager will need to bulk enroll the students. Do the following:

  1. Create an electronic list of student's DyKnow userID's.
  2. Email the electronic list to the institutions Customer Relationship Manager. The Customer Relationship Manager should be in contact once the students are enrolled.

If the institution is locally hosting the DyKnow server, do the following:

NOTE: These instructions use the deprecated DyKnowImport tool. Please refer to the following knowledge base article on using the Data Integration Tool (DITO):

  1. Create an electronic list of users that includes fields containing the information the institution requires for new users. UserID, first name, and last name are common examples.
  2. Open Windows Explorer on the server hosting DyKnow. This can be done while sitting at the physcial server or through remote desktop connection.
  3. Browse to the 'DyKnowImport' folder. This folder usually resides wherever the DyKnow server software is installed (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\DyKnow4').
  4. Double-click the 'DyKnowImport' executable.
  5. Sign in to the utility.
  6. Make sure the third radio button 'Add Students to a particular Class' is selected.
  7. Click 'Next'.
  8. Click 'Browse For File'.
  9. Browse to the text delimited file and select 'Open'. There will be a message in the 'File Location' box that now says "You have successfully captured a file."
  10. Click 'Next'.
  11. The first record in the file will be displayed in the grey box. Verify that the file data is correctly formatted. Because the file only has the userID stored, select the 'No Delimiter (single field)' radio button.
  12. Click 'Next'.
  13. Select which class to add the student(s) to. Students can only be imported into one class at a time.
  14. A prompt will ask how the data is laid out in the file. Use each dropdown to select what information is included in the corresponding field in the file. Click on 'Show First File Record' if the data layout is unknown. Once each field has data selected for it, verify all of the requirements in the 'Required Fields' box to the right have been met.
  15. Click 'Next' once all of the required information has been supplied.
  16. Review all of the information.
  17. Click 'Next'.
  18. The 'Status:' bar will turn blue as users are being added. A prompt will display 'Upload Finished!' when the bulk import has finished.
  19. Click 'Close'.
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