Set Up DNS Round Robin for DyKnow Application Servers


Enable DNS server to allow Round Robin

1. On the DNS server, go to Start > Administrative Tools > DNS
2. Right click on the DNS server’s name and choose ‘Properties’ from the context menu
3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
4. Make sure that the check box for ‘Enable Round Robin’ is checked
5. Click ‘OK’

Set up multiple locator records pointed to different IPs

In the Forward Lookup Zone, add two records each using the same fully qualified name ‘’. Each record will point to the IP address of one of the application servers.

Note: This is based upon ‘’ being the qualified name that users use to connect to the DyKnow server.

One limitation with using DNS Round Robin for load balancing is that the client, the OS on the user’s machine, usually caches their DNS look ups locally. This means that if the client OS queries the DNS server for ‘’ and is returned, the first IP of all of the associated IPs, for the DyKnow Application Servers; it will continue to use that IP address until it’s local cached copy expires or is flushed. As a general rule locally cached DNS lookups expire after 1 day.

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