How to setup Windows Performance Monitor to monitor a DyKnow server (Server 2008)


Occasionally, Windows Performance Monitor is needed for troubleshooting connection and server issues. This article is a guide to setup the Performance Monitor counters needed to troubleshoot a DyKnow server. 

Windows Server 2008


1. Click Start and in Search type perfmon

2. In the Performance Monitor Window, expand Data Collector Sets, right click on User Defined > New > Data Collector set.

3. Give the Data Collector Set a name (E.g. DyKnow) then select Create Manually (Advanced) and click Next.

4. Select Create data logs and put a check next to Performance Counter the click Next.

6. Set the Interval to 1 second if collecting a small dataset (approx 24 hours) or 5 seconds if collecting a larger data set (approx 1 week). Click Add to add a counter.

5. Locate Processor, expand processor and select % Processor Time. Choose _Total for the Instances, then Add the counter.

6. Repeat step 5 for Network Interface. Locate Network Interface under Available counters, expand, and add a counter for Bytes Received/Sec and Bytes Sent/Sec.


7. Click OK, Click Finish to save. 

8. Select the newly created counter, then click the green Play button to start the counter. After the test duration has completed, email the file listed under Output to


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