Compatibility: DyKnow & SMART Board


SMARTBoards come with software that launches a special screen overlay on top of the application the user is running whenever one of the SMARTBoard pens or the eraser is picked up.  As a result, using the SMARTBoard pens and eraser will mark on top of DyKnow rather than directly on the DyKnow panel or interface.

There are two different approaches users can take to effectively use a SMARTBoard with DyKnow:

Approach 1
Disable the SMARTBoard software. This will turn the SMARTBoard into a large touchscreen that will interact directly with [instead of on top of] DyKnow and other Windows applications regardless if the SMARTBoard pen or eraser is being used.

Approach 2
Leave the SMARTBoard software enabled, but either a) refrain from picking up the SMARTBoard pen or eraser [and use a finger or other object], or b) put an object (e.g. a dry erase marker) in each of the SMARTboard pen trays or cover the sensor that activates when a pen is picked up.  The goal [particularly with option b] is to allow the user to continue to use the SMARTBoard in a fairly normal manner by tricking the SMARTboard into thinking one of the pens has not been picked up.

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