How To: Give DeepFreeze access to DyKnow log files



Computers with DeepFreeze installed, by DeepFreeze default, have the DyKnow log directories "frozen".

In order to obtain useful, up to date DyKnow logs, DeepFreeze has to be setup to allow the log directories to be written to.


Faronics has a utility named mappingtool.exe that can be acquired from Faronics if it is not included with DeepFreeze.

To allow access to the DyKnow log directories, run mappingtool.exe.

To allow access to a specific folder: 

  1. Click on the Available system volumes list and select the volume to be mounted. 
  2. Click Mount Volume and navigate to the desired folder.
  3. Click ok.

The directories that need to be added as "Safe Directories" are:

Windows XP

DyKnow error logs:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DyKnow

DyKnow images/audio:
C:\Documents and Settings\’username’\Local Settings\DyKnow

Windows Vista, Windows 7

DyKnow error logs:

DyKnow images/audio:

It is recommended that the Safe Directories are set to reserve 500mb to handle log files and other system files.

For more information on how to use the Faronics Mapping Tool, please refer to
*Note: The mapping tool is only compatible with Windows 2000 & Windows XP.

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