Project Teacher Computer Without Students Seeing Monitor


Here are several options for using a projector and DyKnow Monitor:

  • Some schools choose to project the monitored workstations rather than hide them. They have found that students are more likely to stay on task and hold one another accountable if everyone can see Monitor. It also makes it very easy to share student work and increase collaboration.
  • For customers who also use DyKnow Vision, Projector Mode is the best solution because it allows you to display only the panel content through the projector. See this KB article for instructions on how to enable Projector Mode.
  • Switch your computer's display properties from Mirrored/Clone mode to Extended Desktop mode. A quick internet search on Extended Desktop will provide more information on how to enable this mode. You can also refer to the first 5 steps of the Projector Mode article.
  • Utilize the freeze or video mute capability of your projector. This allows you to display your screen through the projector, but freeze the screen when you need to view something in Monitor that you do not want the students to see.
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