DyKnow Monitor Error Message: Not a Valid URL (URL Filtering)



DyKnow Monitor's Filter URLs feature provides teachers with the ability to allow student access to specific websites. 

When typing or pasting a URL to create a plan, users may receive the message: "Not a valid URL." 

This message indicates URL Filtering is unable to filter the exact address as the user has entered it, but does not mean the entire website cannot be filtered.

URL Filtering can present problems when either hidden redirects exist, or the SSL certificate is issued to a different name than the main domain. (Note: We find this happens frequently in secure textbook sites).


Instead of pasting the entire address, only add the top- and second-level domains with the prefix " *. "  Also exclude the specific page address (path) appearing after the top-level domain.

You may further troubleshoot this issue. In order to help capture a URL whitelist, you can download the URL Finder tool at http://www.dyknow.com/download/URL_Finder.zip. Enter the URL into the address bar and navigate within the site. The captured URLs list should be the list to include in your plan. This may help pinpoint any unexpected domains that should be added.

*Note: This tool is not an official DyKnow tool and is not explicitly supported at this time, but it should be helpful in resolving this issue. 


Full, original URL: http://www.google.com/images

DyKnow URL Filtering:  *.google.com


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