User Tip: Student Buy-In With Monitor


Student buy-in is important. It helps promote an effective and efficient learning environment and lessens the likelihood that students will spend class time attempting to sabotage the technology.

There are probably many ways to increase buy-in, but I will touch on a few that we have seen lead to success. The first step for most schools is developing a good Acceptable Use Policy that clearly states the expectations and requirements for students and parents (example).

Next is adequate professional development for teachers. Teachers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to use DyKnow Monitor effectively can produce a learning environment that is more engaging and interactive than a typical classroom. This environment is more likely to lead to student buy-in than one where Monitor is used as a punitive tool or method of control. Most successful teachers use features such as Polling, Send/Receive files, Open URL, and Chat to increase student engagement and make learning fun, and they spend little time watching students screens unless they are doing so to offer help.

In summary, if you are able to show students how it will benefit the classroom you can get them to buy in. Let them know it isn't intended to be used as tool to spy on them. 

From Frank, Customer Success Manager: I often hear of success when Monitor is used as a reward system also. Maybe at the beginning of class everything is blocked, but as students finish their work, they are rewarded with a plan that allows them to do more.

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