Error: "Not Authorized" when trying to disable logging



When trying to disable logging in the DyKnow client, a window says "Not Authorized"

To disable diagnostic logging:

  1. Open the DyKnow cilent
  2. Click the Application Button
  3. Click the DyKnow Options button
  4. Click Resources
  5. Click Disable
A "Not Authorized" window may appear.




Log into DyKnow as an administrator to disable logging. 

To allow non-admins to disable logging, turn off "default logging" in the administration console:

  1. Open the administration console for the institution and log in as an administrator
  2. Click Manage Institution
  3. Click Institution Setup Wizard
  4. Click Client Logging Defaults
  5. Uncheck the Turn Default Logging On box to allow users to disable/enable logs freely
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