Error: Notebook Version is not Compatible



When importing or opening notebooks, an error claiming that the notebook is incompatible may occur. The notebook may work on some computers, but receive this error on others.



The following instructions involve changing a value in the registry, extreme caution is recommended while dealing with the registry.

  1. Open up the registry by typing in “regedit” in the ‘Run’ command from the Start menu.
  3. Expand “Control Panel” from under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”
  4. Click on “International” from under “Control Panel”
  5. From the list on the right side, find “sPositiveSign”
  6. Double click on “sPositiveSign”
  7. Please verify that this is set as “” or no value. This should be blank or null value. Please verify that there is nothing here (even check for blank spaces)
  8. If symptoms persist, change the value of of "sPositiveSign" to 0 and reboot the computer.
  9. Repeat steps 1 though 7 above to remove the 0 and set the value to blank or null value.
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