How To: Set Up Performance Monitor on a DyKnow Server


Performance Monitor Setup

  1. Copy the two files in (attached to this article) to a location on the server.
  2. Log into the server
  3. In the start menu run “perfmon.exe”

Server 2003

  1. Expand Performance Logs and Alerts, Click "Counter Logs"
  2. Right Click "Counter Logs" in the right hand pane and select “New Log Settings From” and browse to the perfmon-2k3.htm file
  3. Note the folder that the logs will be saved to  (default C:\PerfLogs\)
  4. Click OK
  5. Right click on the name (DyKnow) and click start.

Server 2008, 2008 R2

  1. Expand Data Collector Sets and Select “User Defined”
  2. Right Click on "User Defined" in the right hand pane and select “New" -> "Data Collector Set”
  3. Give it a name “DyKnow”, select “Create from a template” and click Next
  4. Click "Browse" and browse to the location of “perfmon-2k8andr2.xml”
  5. Select "Defaults" and click finish
  6. Right click on the name (DyKnow) and press start.
  7. Resulting Log Files will be saved in a C:\PerfLogs folder.


Note that performance monitor logs will run until explicitly stopped.  Once complete, send the resulting .blg file to DyKnow for further analysis.  Files larger than 10mb may be uploaded to the DyKnow FTP.  For FTP connection instructions, please contact

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