My DyKnow: Unable to Click on Previous Classes or Offered Classes



After a user logs into DyKnow,  clicking Previous Classes or Offered Classes does not change the MyDyKnow screen. Another possibility is that MyDyKnow does not load.


This behavior has been linked back to HP Credential Manager and Single Sign-on. HP Credential Manager attempts to manage the users DyKnow login causing several login attempts simultaneously.

To prevent this from happening, the user will have to pervent HP Credential Manager from managing DyKnow.

  1. Open HP Protection Tools.
  2. Click on HP Credential Manager.
  3. Click on Services & Applications.
  4. Click on Manage Applications and Credentials.
  5. DyKnow will appear in the list. In order for this solution to work properly, DyKnow will have to remain in this list.
  6. Uncheck Enabled and Prompt for the DyKnow entry.
  7. Click ok. Reboot the computer.
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