VMware Compatibility


DyKnow supports the use of DyKnow Vision and Monitor in VMware View 3.x on Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual desktop pools.

DyKnow Monitor Installation
Currently, DyKnow Monitor's URL Filter feature is not compatible with VMware View. Therefore, DyKnow will provide an installer that does not set up this feature during installation.

DyKnow Monitor Setup
The DyKnow Monitor installation process varies depending on whether institutions are using persistent desktop pools or non-persistent desktop pools.

  • Institutions using persistent desktop pools should use DyKnow Monitor's 1-to-1 or Lab configurations by tying the MAC Address of each persistent VM to a user record in the DyKnow Database.
  • Institutions using non-persistent desktop pools will need to use DyKnow Monitor's Ad-Hoc configuration. In this scenario, two things must occur: logged in Windows users must be unique for each machine and that user must be associated with a "Class" in the DyKnow Database.

Best Practice - DyKnow Monitor with VMware View
DyKnow Monitor has the ability to run on a physical computer with VMware installed or directly on a VMware View computer. This means both computers will appear in DyKnow Monitor. To prevent duplicate occurrences of a computer from appearing in DyKnow Monitor, system administrators should determine whether students will be monitored on the VMware View virtual machine OR the physical machine with VMware View installed.

DyKnow Vision Caveats
VMware View's design does not support DyKnow Vision's Audio Broadcaster and Audio Recorder features. And, unlike using a physical Tablet PC, users may find that digital ink is less reliable in a VMware View environment.

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