Distorted View Using NetSupport



NetSupport software installs a virtual display device called PCI GDIHOOK5. This driver creates a mirror display whose width is equal to the sum of the width of the physical monitors and whose height is equal to the height of the largest physical monitor. Its location is set to (0, 0), its device name will always contain a V in it (i.e. DISPLAYV1).The problem is not that the mirror display exists.

The problem is that DyKnow’s code is written to use the devices at index 0 and 1 as monitor 1 and 2 respectively. Thus if the mirror display is at index 1, DyKnow will use it as the second monitor for projector mode. This is a problem since the dimensions and location of the mirror display are irregular (and not equal to the second physical monitor), which, when used by DyKnow, creates a distorted view.


To allow moderators to use projector mode properly, PCI GDIHOOK5 should be disabled while using DyKnow.

To disable PCI GDIHOOK5:

  1. Double-click on 'System' within the Control Panel.
  2. Under the Hardware tab, choose Device Manager. 
  3. Expand the Display Adapters section
  4. Right click on PCI GDIHOOK5 and choose Disable.
  5. 3.jpg
  6. After PCI GDIHOOK5 is disabled, reboot the computer.
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