Student thumbnail doesn't appear / show in DyKnow Monitor



Sometimes a student may not appear in a teacher's DyKnow Monitor 5.x session.


Have the student run our Diagnostic Tool on his device.  If you don't have this tool, follow manual steps below.

Manual Classroom Troubleshooting

  1. Verify the student is enrolled in your class.  View the 'Monitor list" on the right-hand side of the DyKnow teacher window, and verify that the student's full name or networkID is showing under the 'connected' or 'disconnected' list.  If the student is not in either of these lists, then there is an enrollment issue.  Reach out to your  helpdesk letting them know the student is not enrolled.
  2. Restart the student's machine.  This may resolve any Windows or network error that could be causing Monitor to not work properly.  It could also resolved issues caused by a machine falling asleep.
  3. Another instructor might be monitoring the student. Stop then Start Monitor to see if you can pull the student from the other instructor.
If none of these resolutions cause the student to show up, send the device to your helpdesk.

Manual Helpdesk Troubleshooting

DyKnow Monitor 5.x has a built in troubleshooting utility located in the C:/Program Files/DyKnow/Client folder called the Monitor State Reader.  After signing-in (DyKnow admin credentials required), the Monitor State Reader provides helpful information such as the version number and current status (running, stopped) of the Monitor service.  While using this utility administrators should check the following scenarios:

Problem: The student is running an older or incompatible version of DyKnow

Description:  It is possible that the student's version is significantly different than the server version (i.e. v5.6 server with v5.5 client).  DyKnow also occasionally releases software patches, so it is possible the issue is resolved in the latest version DyKnow.  


  1. Verify the version of the student client: DyKnow Options > Resources > About DyKnow.  See that it matches the server version (current is 5.7).
  2. Review version history.  For example, our August 2014 patch for 5.6 and 5.7 restores specific Monitor feature functionality.
  3. If there's not a match, consider upgrading the student client

Problem: The Monitor service has stopped and fails to start

Description:  Monitor failing to start can be caused by a Group Policy that was recommended by Microsoft to combat a public Conflicker virus outbreak. 

Solution: For security reasons, DyKnow Support must be contacted for the solution to this problem. 

Problem: The student might have an IP address outside the valid Monitor range

Description:  If the school has set a DyKnow Monitor IP address range restriction, check to ensure the student's device falls within that range.

Solution: Open Command Prompt and type "ipconfig /all" and verify the device IP falls within the range you designated in the Administration Console > Manage Institution > Institution Setup Wizard > Monitor Settings (cont.).

Problem: The student only appears in Monitor after signing in and joining Vision

Solution: An administrator should check the DyKnow Administration Console > Manage Insitution > Institution Setup Wizard > Monitor settings (cont.) > first option.  Check whether or not DyKnow is setup to require students are part of a Vision session before being monitored.

Problem: The student has installed personal antivirus or firewall software on his computer

Solution: Some personal firewall and virus scan software will prompt the user to allow a certain program to run. Students may receive this prompt when trying to install the DyKnow Vision and/or Monitor. Have the student reinstall DyKnow and choose to grant access to DyKnow.  Other personal firewall programs block the application being installed without prompting the user. The student will need to disable/uninstall the personal firewall or virus scanning software, install DyKnow, and then enable/reinstall the software. 

Problem: Students have not entered proxy settings used by your school

Solution: Have the student enter your proxy in DyKnow Communication Settings.  Occasionally this is required instead in Windows > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.  Then restart the computer. 


If none of these solutions resolve the problem, please submit a ticket so DyKnow technical support can further assist.

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