Using Lightspeed and DyKnow Monitor



If you are running Lightspeed Mobile Filter 6.0.8 (an installed agent on student devices) alongside DyKnow Monitor 5.7 with URL Filtering there is a known incompatibility that will prevent the Lightspeed Mobile Filter from working properly when devices are off campus.

Lightspeed is aware of this conflict and have reported their intent to address it. In the mean time, there are several solution options.

Solution Options

1) Run Lightspeed Mobile Filter 6.0.8 alongside DyKnow Monitor 5.7 without our URL Filtering component. If you have already installed DyKnow Monitor with this component (most common), please contact DyKnow Support for a script to remove the component. Implementing this will disable one DyKnow Monitor feature, but the Lightspeed Mobile Filter will operate normally off campus.

2) Run Lightspeed Mobile Filter 6.0.8 alongside DyKnow Monitor 5.6 with URL Filtering on Windows 7 or 8 but not 8.1.

3) Run Lightspeed Mobile Filter 5.0.8 alongside DyKnow Monitor 5.7 or 5.6 with URL Filtering.

Incompatibility between earlier versions of Lightspeed Mobile Filter and DyKnow Monitor

If you are running a version of Lightspeed Mobile Filter older than the above alongside DyKnow Monitor 5.6 or older, you may see a different conflict.

In most cases, the solution is to install Lightspeed Mobile Filter PRIOR to installing DyKnow Monitor. For details, contact contact DyKnow Support.


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