Error: Invalid User ID or Password when using Active Directory credentials



When logging into the DyKnow client or Administration Console with Active Directory credentials, the user receives the following error "Your attempt to sign on has failed.  You may have entered an invalid UserID or Password or your account may be disabled."



This error may occur because the login username does not correspond with the correct domain in active directory.  This situation applies to institutions whose users may exist in different domains within Active Directory.  Active Directory information in regard to DyKnow may be found in the Administration Console by following the steps below.

  1. Log into the Administration Console and open the Institution Setup Wizard
  2. Select Authentication
  3. Verify that Active Directory LDAP Authentication is selected and click next
  4. If there exists more than one domain in the list, only one will be marked as default.
    Note: Any user in the default domain will be able to log into DyKnow as normal.
  5. Select the domain(s) not marked as default.
  6. Take note of what options are selected.

If "Users use the pre-Windows 2000 Logon name, less than 20 characters, sometimes abbreviated." is selected, users will login using pre-windows2000domain\username.  (In the case above: dyknow\username)


If "Users use the Windows 2000/2003 login name (may be longer than 20 characters, not abbreviated)." is selected, users will login using username@domain. (In the case above:


To find domain information for a specific user, view the properties of the user within Active Directory.


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